English, Portuguese, Spanish…

Our staff members speak a variety of languages. Each member of our staff speaks both English and Portuguese fluently. Some staff members also speak Spanish. We welcome clients to bring an interpreter if they speak a language other than English, Portuguese or Spanish.

– We represent

many kinds of clients: ones who are living in the United States, living abroad, detained in Immigration custody, are U.S. citizens, have their Green Cards and ones that have no legal status. We represent people born in countries all around the world.

– Immigration Advocates

provides services to immigrants and so they can remain in the United States together and become American citizens.

– More than 10 years

Attorney Jill Santiago has worked in the immigration field for more than a decade, passionately representing hundreds of clients in front of the various immigration agencies and courts…



  • Apply for Deferred Action under President Obama’s new order…

    On November 20, 2014, President Obama announced that Immigration would begin granting employment authorization and protection from deportation and removal the U.S. to certain people. Under “DAPA,” certain parents of U.S. citizens and Green Card holders will be able to apply for these benefits in May 2015. Under “DACA,” certain individuals who entered the United States before they turned 16 will be eligible to apply for these benefits. We help people prepare and apply for Deferred Action.

  • Apply for a Green Card…

    We help clients apply for their Green Card through a family member or through their employer in certain cases. We also help victims of domestic violence self-petition for a Green Card, we help individuals who have used fraudulent documents to enter the country, or who have had U Visa status for at least 3 years.

  • Apply for a “Hardship Waiver” through Form I-601 and/or Form I-212…

    We specialize in assisting individuals who need a “Hardship Waiver” or “pardon” in order to get a Green Card. Some clients need a waiver because they used false documents to enter the country (such as a passport in someone else’s name) or because they were deported in the past.

  • Apply for a “Provisional Waiver” through Form I-601A…

    We specialize in assisting individuals who need a “Hardship Waiver” or “pardon” in order to get a Green Card. Some individuals who have entered the United States illegally but have a spouse or parent who is a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder can apply for a waiver that allows them to stay in the United States while their waiver application is decided. Individuals with an approved I-601A waiver only return to their home country for a short period of time and receive their Green Card shortly after re-entering the U.S.

  • Apply for Citizenship…

    We help individuals who have had a Green Card for 5 years (or in certain cases, 3 years) apply for U.S. citizenship and obtain a U.S. passport. We help individuals who have simple cases but want to make sure it is done right the first time, as well as those with crimes or other issues who have more complex cases.




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